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Ground Control System

Ground Control System(GCS) is the center of UAV operation and it controls the entire flight mission including take-off & landing. It gets and processes imagery and telemetric data from UAV. It monitors and controls all flight situations – mission planning, take-off, ingress, landing and emergency flight.

Interface information and methods greatly depend on UAV types(size, mission, performance, range, operational altitude) and developer’s demands. So development for GCS requires to graft many elementary and applied technologies(redundancy design, real-time data processing, flight control, map processing, database, network communication, flight analysis, image signal processing, image data editing, etc)

Uconsystem is leading the localization of avionics equipment such as flight control computers and navigation sensors on the basis of know-how and experiences accumulated through development processes and battle experiments.


Map Display Network Data Transmission
- Transformations among various Coordinate Systems (UTM, GP, MGRS)
- Real Time Risk Analysis During Flight
- Pre-Flight Analysis and simulation of Programmed Flight Plans
- Data Sharing and Transmission in Standard
- Formats for Interconnection with Military Network
Video Analysis and Display Flight Control and Display
- Real Time Video Display and Editing
- Real Time Artillery Adjustment
- Flight Control and Real Time Flight Path change
- Flight Data Analysis and Database Building
- Ergonomic Screen Display Design
- Malfunction Removal with Dual Components
- Touch Monitors & Panels
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