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Fixed wing UAV


Automatic VTOL vehicle with long-endurance via a wired cable from the ground.

Equipped with day and night camera capable of real time monitoring for road & traffic condition & runway & national major industrial facilities & border areas and ports. Besides, it can be used as a communication repeaters and applicable of other various field with various sensors.

Automatic Vertical Take-off
Automatic Vertical Landing
Mission Payload
EO / IR Camera with Scanning.
Flight Mode
Automatic takeoff and landing, waypoint navigation
Auto stabilizing image
Flight Path Changeable during Mission Flight
Real Time Target Position Displayed on Video Screen
T-Rotor Series & Specification
TRotor-010 TRotor-030 TRotor-030
Max take off weight 10kg 20kg 30kg
Max payloads weight 2.0kg 5.0kg 8.0kg
Operational altitude 50m 50m 50m
Climbing time(50m) 2min 2min 3min
Wing span/Length overall (cm) 100Lx100Wx60H 130Lx130Wx70H 180Lx80Wx80H
Endurance 10hrs+
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